From Philately to Culture, we are fully committed to deliver

CTT has a tradition of social patronage in which culture is of paramount importance. We intend to honour and recognise the importance of culture in our society, and this mission has accompanied us for 500 years. One of the sectors most affected in the pandemic context is culture and we cannot remain indifferent. CTT thus reinforces its involvement and commitment and shows its solidarity with this sector that enriches our country and our people so much

CTT is always in search of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. This time we want to innovate in the packaging of online orders, with a reusable packaging concept that allows reducing the waste associated with single-use packaging Solutions.

We have invested in a sustainable solution for their dellivery, reducing waste and the carbon footprint, and promoting the circular economy through reuse. CTT Reusable ECO Packaging is the packaging alternative for e-commerce parcels in Portugal. These packages are intended to replace the traditional single-use packages and have an expected endurance capacity of up to 50 shipments!

Same day Deliveries –CTT Now allows our clients, through the app, to receive their parcels immediately, within two hours.

In the scope of CTT's carbon management policy, the Express offer in Portugal has a neutral impact on direct greenhouse gas emissions. The direct carbon emissions that are impossible to avoid are offset by supporting projects that promote positive impacts on biodiversity and the development of the local communities where such projects are implemented.

Connecting People and Companies, Committed to Deliver – this new concept strengthens the relationship between our employees and our clients, broadens the diversity of services that can be offered, and consolidates the relationship with companies, all from the new CTT retail outlet.

CTT, in partnership with TudoSobreEcommerce, a market leader company in organizing events and training sessions in the field of e-commerce, organizes the first course on "How to launch your business online".

Aimed at entrepreneurs and companies who want to create or expand their e-commerce business, it has a predominantly practical nature due to the use of tools for building an online shop and creating email marketing campaigns accompanied by a tutorial session.

CTT - Correios de Portugal has launched a new locker network: Locky, which aims to manage the locker business on an Iberian level. The Locky network of lockers is an extremely convenient solution for customers who prefer autonomy when shopping online, but also brings significant environmental advantages. The more deliveries go to lockers, the greater the reduction in travel, generating fewer carbon emissions associated with the last mile.

CTT has reinforced its sustainable fleet with Citroën AMI Cargo vehicles, which will serve the last-mile operation, as an electric micro-mobility solution contributing to the improvement of air quality in large urban centres. CTT has made a strong investment in its alternative fleet and in reducing dependence on traditional combustion vehicles. CTT's alternative fleet currently has over 400 vehicles and the company provides an offer of green deliveries, in 100% electric vehicles, to its corporate clients. To be noted is also the fact that CTT already operates with two fully electric hubs/delivery offices: Arroios and Junqueira, in Lisbon, and the expansion to other delivery offices is expected.